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How to:

1) Input your info
2) Describe your request. (text & web links)
3) Add image/s of the design or idea.

Ok so after you send in your request, whats next?

Changing graphic to another shirt type/style?
We’ll confirm and send a new product link shortly
(typically less than 24hrs).

Design Request?
1) We’ll respond (typically) in less than an hour.
2) Next we will start to work on your design.
3) Finally we’ll notify you of your new shirt listing for review to purchase.

Design Requests completion typically takes 2-3 days.
Charges rarely apply, typically only for very personalized or intense design work, so go ahead, send us your request!

Request Form

Serious purchase inquiries only please. We produce our own designs. OCM only uses the provided info as a visual aid . OCM will make your design in our own style. OCM owns all rights and properties to any design we produce. We will not directly copy anyone. If you like someone elses design support them!  🙂

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