About Us

At OCM we try to offer our customers all that we can.
Producing designs and a great quality shirt you’ll love, delivered quickly that’ll last, on a website that’s clean and simplistic to browse without all the distractions is important to us.Creating everything ourselves helps us insure the experience and quality our customers expect is what we are producing and at its best. It really makes the difference and gives us the ability to offer more options from shirts to graphics with quicker delivery times than is often offered elsewhere, especially on custom design requests.We enjoy interacting with our customers, whether its quickly answering any questions, custom requests or on our PinterestFacebook or Instagram page where many share pic’s of them having a blast in our shirts! 
Hi I’m Jessie,
I’m a proud mom of 3 crazy boys ages 12, 7 & 4. When we’re not making shirts we can usually be found at the baseball park.
I started OCM in 2007 making graphics for our boys and friends but back then I had to have someone else make the shirts :/ but it wasn’t long I would have to change all that. 😉Graphic design is something I really enjoy combined with having always liked expressing myself through t-shirts. I mean the fact you can make endless designs for shirts feeds-my-need to create and my love for wearing expressive tees – I think that combo naturally drew me to create t-shirts.
After bugging my husband (Eric) all the time to cut my graphics on his vinyl cutter (that I originally wasn’t super happy about him buying) he felt it was time I learn, which I did reluctantly :/ but soon I was cutting my own designs and it was on!Fast forward to 2015 Eric had a serious health scare. After a successful surgery and recovery we discussed how we would work towards a way for him to be home more. His career as a Manufacturing Engineer/Plant Manager was keeping him away excessively without end.It wasn’t long he was really pushing me to go with my dream of having my own t-shirt business full time.
I got to work designing and learning to take pictures for our products and we really cranked up our Etsy Shop with new products towards the end of 2016. Several months later our Etsy shop was doing well enough that Eric was able had to come work for OCM full time. We updated our screen printing and other equipment to keep up with demand. By the end of 2017 we had become a Top Etsy Shop but just a few months later it was time to move on from Etsy. From there we started our own website and have just continued to try and become better every day at what we do.We feel super blessed and grateful to have an audience that likes our products enough to support us.
Thank you for allowing us to do what we love the most and we hope our shirts make you as happy as they do for us to make.

All the best,
Jessie & Eric


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